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Tallis hand-coloured map of South India

The map shows the mainland of India and the island of Ceylon, and includes the presidencies of Bombay and Madras. It stretches from present-day Pakistan and Afghanistan, called Sinde and Gujer, shows the Gulf of Cutch and the Gulf of Cambay, across to Gangam, Jaggurnant and the Bay of Bengal. The map also has seven decorative engraved scenes of Shuhur (Jeypoor), the tomb of Sultan Mahomed Shah (Beja poor), the Government House (Calcutta), the seal of the East India Company, English soldiers writing on a monument, religious statues and armies galloping on horses and camels. Includes a decorative border frame and an elaborate title cartouche.

Height 9” (22.86cm)
Width 14” (35.56cm)

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