Indo-Islamic 9030

Unusual Indo-Islamic, Deccan or Mughal, cast brass, oil lamp from Bijapur

The Persian influence can be seen in the mirhab (a semi-circular architectural niche) in the central square section of the stem of this rare lamp. At the top is the oil reservoir that can accommodate a number of wicks and at the base of the long, sculptural pillar is a circular drip pan on a ring foot. On the stem are amalakas, cushion like architectural elements seen in columns in Hindu temples, as well as circular flat discs and baluster shaped sections. Tying the piece together are floral style lappets around the rim of the oil reservoir and, less pronounced, at the base. It is very unusual to find this kind of oil lamp that combines the south Indian figurative lamp with Persian influences. Size; height 27”, width 7.5”.
“Considering the fact that lighting the night is a constant requirement, candle stands and oil lamps from Sultanate and Mughal India are surprisingly rare…” Zebrowski.

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